Fast Weight Loss Diets - Do They Work?

Generally, at any given point in time, there is a list circulating nebulously through society of the top, fast weight-loss diets that provide the best results. In order to earn a place on this list, a diet must have been successful enough and must have generated enough honourable mention to be memorable. The reason that diets earn a place on the list is they actually work!

The combination of certain foods or the restriction of certain food groups from the diet will most definitely produce the loss of weight and the extent to which that change is implemented will definitely intensify or speed up the weight loss. There is no question, for example, that a diet that eliminates all refined carbohydrates and focuses primarily on lean sources of quality protein and raw or lightly sautéed vegetables will induce the loss of weight in a reasonably active person. This particular combination of foods coupled with the elimination of most carbohydrates from the diet puts the body's metabolism into a fat-burning mode and fat stores become threatened.

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Many diets are successful in whittling down fat stores and producing a slimmer waistline. The difficulty, however, comes after the initially impressive loss of weight. Maintaining your weight level is even more difficult for most dieters than taking it off in the first place. Permanent weight loss then must include some long-term changes in the diet to prevent returning to previous bad habits and subsequent weight gain.

Nothing is more productive or motivating for losing weight than the initial, quick disappearance of noticeable fat. All the diets on the fast weight loss list will produce that result in the right individual. Applying that momentum to the long-term effort of permanently restructuring eating habits will keep the dieter from having to repeatedly return to a fast weight loss diet to lose those same pounds over and over again.


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